Generally, Tiles refers to those material which are used on covering the roofs, walls, showers and floors or other objects such as tabletops in order to renovate and decorate the house or office. These types of tiles are made by using the materials such as ceramic, stone, metal or even glass. Tiles are also refers as the similar units made from lightweight materials such as perlite,  wood and mineral wool, typically used for wall and ceiling applications.
VIC TILES STONE WORKS provides you the best tiles and tiling facility for your home and office. We have experienced tillers with expertize on each and every method of tiling.


Screeding refers to a flat board (screed board), a aluminum tool used to smooth and true material like as concrete, stucco and plaster after it has been placed on surface to assist in flattening.
Floor Screeding is the most common type of screeding used on every place. VIC TILES STONE WORKS also provides the screeding facility. The main requirement of clients for Screeding are fast drying, screeding over under floor heating, smoothing and levelling compounds and free flowing. We always gives maximum priority to our customers' requirements.
Stone has been used as a construction material from the beginning of the human civilization. It is also known as durable building material. Since, now a day it's not used on a propriety based but used for the artistic construction as an aristocrat of building materials. There are some types of building stones: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic, dry stone stacking, stone masonry, and sustainable stone. 
If you are interested in construction with stone. We can provides you the best service for you   .
Marbles are also used as a construction material. Marble is a type of stone composed of calcite, serpentine and dolomite which is capable of taking polish. Mostly marbles are used a covering materials for floor and wall to make it smooth and clean. As the flow of time, humans started became more conscious about the decoration of their home and started to include artistic designs, smooth walls and floors. And marbles are those construction constraint which can be used for both purpose.
VIC TILES STONE WORKS is a service provider for both marbles and stone as along with the experienced tillers who can renovate your home with your expectations.  
Waterproofing generally prefers to a process of making an object waterproof or water-resistant. Waterproofing of the floor help's to remove the unwanted water on the floor and keeps it dry. Mostly we prefer waterproofing on the bathroom and kitchen rather than another area of the house. Because it helps to remove the unwanted moistures and waters from walls and floors.
VIC TILES STONE WORKS PTY LTD is a team of an experiences tillers who can provides you the services more then you expected for any service like waterproofing, tiling, marbling, and many more. For further detailed service information, feel free to contact us. 
VIC Tiles and Stones are expert caulking contractors specializing in all the major caulking as well as sealing services in VIC and surrounding area. With adequate experience in home improvement industry, we have been able to deliver a vast array of reliable and highest quality services and produicts to our clients as per their requirements.
May that be the caulking for the kitchen and bathroom or simply silicon caulk, VIC Tiles and Stones are always available to serve you with the caulking and sealing services within VIC and other surrounding areas. Besides the silicon caulking and sealing, we also serve our clients with the Polyurethane sealant to seal the gaps between the tiles and stones laid.
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